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Samaria Gorge

Crossing the gorge of Samaria is more like an adventure than a tour.  Reaching the plateau of Omalos at an altitude of 1000 m. at the foot of the White Mountains is where the adventure begins.

A walkers paradise, or for those wanting a great challenge, the Samaria Gorge with its Iron gates (narrowest point & great photo opportunity) awaits you. The largest gorge in Europe offers a spectacular 18k walk.  Its National Park once declared a nature reserve in 1962 and proclaimed in 1980 one of the greatest areas to nature, full of wild species & rich natural flora & fauna.  The trail leads south through a wonderful terrain and exists at the south coast of Crete that is drenched by the Libyan Sea at Agia Roumeli.

A small boat ride from Agia Roumeli, to either Chora Sfakion or Sougia concludes our tour, for our return by coach.

“Go on take the Challenge”!

Additional Information
This tour is NOT recommended for:-

  • Persons with any health problems (such as heart disease, breathing problems, weakness) or with weak knees
  • Pregnant women
  • Small children
  • Physically disabled


  • Guide
  • Transfer Coach


  • Entrance to Gorge (National park)
  • Boat Ticket

Pick up points: Chania area, Kalives, Almyrida, Georgioupolis, Kavros, Rethymno

Elafonissi Express

A scenic drive through magnificent nature from the North coast to the South West through small picturesque mountain villages brings us to one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete “Elafonissi”.  The island is separated by a shallow bridge of crystal blue waters that sits 40 metres from the coast line edge and can easily be reached by wading through its seawaters, to the offshore island. At its nearest point it sits only 140 miles from the north coast of Africa that enhances on its tropical sun kissed beach that offers its soft coral sand and deepest shades of white & pink that are sure to enchant you and should not be missed.

After relaxing in the sun we have chance to taste delicious seafood dishes in the little local taverns.  


  • Transfer Coach
  • Guide

Pick up points: Chania area, Kalives, Almyrida

Gramvousa & Balos

A unique excursion you can not afford to miss,  jump aboard our cruiser to reach the fabled pirate island Imeri, the fortified island of Gramvousa, Crete(s) northwest peninsula that is domineered by its late 18th Century cross cultural Venetian/Turkish Castle & Ancient Chapel. Here we can unravel the geological phenomenon and the tilting of Crete western rising and eastern sinking whilst cruising close to its peninsula.

Gramvoussa is a stunning unpopulated islet with pristine sands, reddish shell fragments and crystal clear waters its lagoons offer turquoise coloured waters that happily invite a dip in its lagoons and snorkels are a must here as Balos marine visitors are an array of a different kind along with its yearly visitor, the Caretta Caretta turtle in seasonal months.   “Purely paradise”


  • Transfer Coach
  • Boat Ticket
  • Intro information on board the boat

Pick up point:  Chania area, Kalives, Almyrida, Georgioupolis

Knossos Palace & the Capital


On this excursion you have the opportunity to visit the excavation sites of the Palace of Knossos, built in 2000 BC.  Knossos Palace & its Minotaur stands proud and domineers the outskirts of its capital Heraklion. Our professional archaeological guide is a must here, telling stories of old through the galleries and rooms of the Palace where the power and vitality of long ago is so strikingly present. The great Minoan civilisation was the first advanced civilization in the whole of Europe and the evidence is obvious through everyday working life. Knossos Palace is where we visit our King, to unfold hidden myths and legends dating 2500 B.C. 

The tour is followed by a visit to the capital Heraklion, where you have time for shopping or for a lunch and visit the Archeological Museum of Heraklion. On the way back optional visit the sleepy village of Fodele, where El Greco known as “the Greek” (Domenikos Theotokopolous, 1541-1614) was born.




  • Transfer Coach
  • Guide


  • Entrance fee to the Knossos Palace

Pick up points: Chania areas, Kalives, Almyrida, Georgioupolis, Kavros, Rethymno

Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons

If you like the Cretan diet and cuisine, we invite you to take part in the traditional Cretan cooking lessons we organise.

During the lessons, you will have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of traditional dishes, as well as, enjoy local recipes.

With the guidance of Mrs Rania and Mrs Chrisoula, which are both local and experienced cooks, you will prepare delicious dishes from pure Cretan materials, such as olive oil, fresh vegetables, free range meat, dairy, wine and herbs.

Furthermore, during the lesson, we will give you interesting information about the local herbs, olive oil and all the products that will be used.  Immediately after you will have lunch with all the dishes prepared earlier, along with local wines, homemade bread and traditional desserts.


  • Afternoon start, hotel pick-ups
  • Cooking lessons 3 hours
  • Dinner 2 hours
  • Return to hotels around 22.30


  • Transfers
  • Dinner & cooking lesson
  • Vat & all taxes


  • Departure time - 17.30
  • Duration 5 hours
  • Small groups of 8 - 10 people of all ages
  • Special requests and requirements catered for
  • Courses are held all year round
Magical Santorini

The most picturesque island in the Aegean nestles at the tip of its Volcanic Island, overlooking what can only portray its unique sunset at dusk. Black sands, white washed houses, blue dome like churches domineers colourfully its cliff side home. No other island compares with the wild beauty of this volcanic island.

Thira its capital that rises 400 m above sea level, contrasts layers of volcanic pumice stone and soil that bears witness to the volcanic eruption of 3,500 BC, that inevitably caused three quarters of the island to disappear into the sea. The measure of the catastrophe and the ruins of an advanced civilisation found at Akrotiri have led many archaeologist to believe that Santorini is the legendary Atlantis.

The intense character and fascination of this island will intoxicate you as much as the taste of the full bodied local wine and the view from Thira will stay in your memory long after your cruise & visit is over.


  • Transfer Coach
  • Boat Ticket
  • Island tour & Guide

Pick up point: All Crete

Rethymnon Uncovered

This is the only lake on Crete, which collects water from the mountains around it.  In antiquity it was know under the name of Korisia, and was the site of a sanctuary dedicated to Korisia Athina.  Its modern name is derived from the Arabic word ‘Kourna’, meaning “lake”.  Wild buddleia and myrtle form a green garland around the shores of the lake-giving rise to a romantic atmosphere that at the same time has both its wild and gentle aspect.  It was discovered in 1961 and boasts a wealth of rock formations (stalagmites, stalactites). The landscape around the lake is wonderful.

This lovely old village nestled in the hills east of Rethymnon is also a Minoan site. 
Once upon a time it was the site of the ancient city polis of Lappa, which became known in the Middle Ages as Stimpolis ("in the city"), later simply Polis. It took its modern name "Silver City" in the 19th century.

It was taken by storm and almost entirely destroyed by the Romans. The emperor Octavian Augustus it and in consideration of the aid rendered him in his struggle with Marcus Antonius, bestowed on the citizens their freedom, and with it the right of coinage.

Arkadi Monastery 83k - Our acquaintance with Rethymnon begins with a visit to one of the most important and famous monasteries of Crete, Arkadi, Situated on the north western edge of a small plateau with open views towards the hills and the sea in the north, this fortress like monastery dominates the whole area.  The date of its foundation is unknown, but was founded before the 14th Century by a monk named Arkadio.

With the course of time and when the resistance against the Turks began to spread, it became a refuge for the freedom fighters, a storeroom for provisions and munitions and inevitable, a target for the Turks. Thus in 1866 when the Cretan Revolution was proclaimed, the leaders of the revolt gathered here to plan their uprising.

Located in picturesque green rolling hills, the village is well known for its pottery. it is then possible to stroll around this very charming village and enjoy the many pottery studios. The tradition of pottery goes back many generations in this village and you will be able to find an elder to show you how the pots are hand thrown. The village, which has some extraordinary architecture and lovely narrow winding streets, full of flowers is well worth exploring. 

Rethymnon is the third largest City on the island with a population of 20,000.  It is the capital of the prefecture by the same name.  It lies along the seashore approximately halfway between Chania and Heraklion.  For that reason the Venetian rulers of the eastern Mediterranean used it as a way station and a refuge in time of trouble.
Rethymnon is a most attractive little town which has managed to retain both its oriental magic and its western grandeur, as we walk through its narrow Venetian alleyways today with their little old houses with wooden covered balconies, their mosques and minarets, their Venetian mansions with magnificent flights of steps coast of arms and Latin inscriptions you today will have a sense of being carried back through time to the magic of another age.... join us and see!

Pick up points:
Chania area, Kalives, Almyrida, Georgioupolis

Cretan Villages

Our local knowledgeable, professional guides and warmth and friendliness of our drivers will take us on a tour uncovering the Original riches of Crete that is hidden behind the tourist façade. Our journey takes us through picturesque landscapes and villages to the heart of an area called the Apokoronas.

A golden opportunity, to uncover the stone gardens at Kalives, that certainly draws our holidaymaker to this adventurous place.  Then onto the village of GAVALOCHORI famous for its 30 wells from which the village once drew its waters and its Historical Folklore Museum that constitutes characteristic manifestation of the local architecture, and introduces us to the manufacturing traditions of Crete such as silk, pottery, stone sculpturing & woodcarving. 
The "BLOWING GLASS" workshop in Kokkino Horio, is a must, that homes its permanent glass painting exhibition by Ant. Santorinakis and many more…

After a short drive through the scenic countryside we arrive in VAMOS which is the capital of the county to arrive at the Monastery of Saint George in Karydi which is located about 2 km east of Vamos village. The monastery was abandoned for many years but was restored in 1996 and today it is operating normally. The monastery is the unique of Apokoronas province and is the most interesting monument of folk architecture in the prefecture of Chania.  Its trademark of the monastery is the old olive oil factory (fabrica) with the 12 arches, which roofs have collapsed. There is still four mills, of which only their bases survive because the millstones have been removed. The large size of the factory and the existence of four oil mills, the unique case throughout Crete, witnesses the enormous quantities of oil produced here.

Refreshing time and swimming at Georgioupoli, this is a coastal village on the Armyros plain. It used to be called Almyros or Armyroupoli, but was renamed in honour of Prince George, High Commissioner of Crete. The river Armyros, which rises in Lake Kournas flows into the sea here. There is a popular square with tall eucalyptus trees. The village has an exceptionally good beach 9k in length with fine white sands. The locals are true to their culture, dressing in tradition costume and almost unaware of what is going on around them. They have fantastic traditional bread in this area, look for the shack just off the square or maybe ask a local where the bakery is and they will point you in the right direction it’s a must to try.


  • Transfers
  • Guide


  • Entrance fee to the Gavalochori Museum 
  • Food and beverages
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